BHOO - Paul Kenny / Gianluca Viscovo / Luciano FM

At the beginning of 2010, from the musical experience of four Neapolitan guys, comes to life, the Bhoo project.  Influenced by Deep House sonorities, wisely mixed with Afro elements, the first House creation of Bhoo, is Afri Can, a musical track containing samples of a Nelson Mandela speech. The track gathers the musical tastes of the different project components, together with two remix versions of the producer and DJ, Lost-Rocket (alias Carmine Arena) and of Martin Dawson, also known as King Roc.

In a short space of time, they have had releases with various labels and played by top DJs, such as: Mikael Stavostrand, Sasse, Ciro Leone, Tony Dee, Floska, Ugur Project, and more, at different parties in the best clubs of Naples. The first important party was at Arenile Reload for Drop party with M.A.N.D.Y.. Subsequently, they have had various parties and two super EPs: Flower Dust for Four Fingers Hand, and Cloud Seeding, with a special Sasse remix for Abstract Theory.  Cloud Seeding has been a big hit, charted and played by many famous DJs, such as: Shlomi Aber, Patrick Zigon, and more.

In October of 2011, BHOO, originally being Paul Kenny, Gianluca Viscovo, Luciano FM and Roberto Formisano, became a trio, when Roberto Formisano, aka Gastek, left the group.  The new group is, however, strong, and new ideas and tracks soon were created, which are out soon - Donde Està el Gris with Ciro Leone, and We Work u Play with Filippo Di Nola remix, and more.

The next release, which was written with Roberto Formisano - Elastik Phone - is to be released by Underbelly Records, London, with special remixes by Matt Tolfrey with Sam Russo, and Alex Arnout.

Paolo Canale, aka Paul Kenny, the youngest of the group, born under the shadow of Vesuvio Vulcan and brought up between here and Emilia-Romagna Riviera, is a DJ, whose main focus is tech-house, which gives a very electronic mark.

Luciano Fotios Meletopoulos, aka Luciano FM, of Greek origin, old- school House connoisseur and currently component of the duo, Big Love Brothers, resident at Arenile Reload in Napoli. In which also takes part Gianluca Viscovo, the fourth Bhoo component, expert in Funk Soul and Electro 80’s, gives a very strong contribute with his classical elements, perfectly mixed with his funk taste.